Buzz Rickson

Buzz Rickson is the militaria wing and most probably the best know of Toyo Enterprise's brands. Taking it's name from Steve Mqueen's role in the 1961 Columbia Pictures movie The War Lover, Buzz Rickson was started in 1993 and quickly became known for making extremely accurate and sought-after reproductions of military apparel. Using dead-stock components to custom re-commissioned fabrics which are all constructed on original vintage sewing machines, with the correct thread and stitch count, their products are second to none, and being constructed as close to originals as possible built to last.

From their early nylon flight jackets to their newer 'Air Associates' civilian label and ever-popular 4-needle sweatshirts, the focus has always been quality and authenticity. Buzz Rickson produce small runs of items once a year, which are not always reproduce items. We aim to stock what we can, but as with quality items in a limited quantity they tend to sell fast.