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TSPTR Zuma Baseball Jersey - White & Navy - SALE 35% OFF

TSPTR Zuma Baseball Jersey - White & Navy - SALE 35% OFF

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The cover of Neil Young’s 1975 album Zuma, based on a pencil sketch by James Mazzeo, depicts a dreamlike California. Two casually-drawn figures fly from the snow-capped mountains over a cactus-strewn desert towards the coast. UFO’s hover above pyramids. A long-billed bird of prey carries a naked woman in its claws, her outstretched arms mirroring the angle of the bird’s giant wingspan as they fly together over a pyramid in the desert. A half-moon rises amid the early evening stars as the hazy sun sinks to the horizon. A ship is anchored near the shore. Its sails are at rest as though it has just returned from a long voyage. Its masts form two burial crosses, symbolizing death to balance the life-giving luminescence of the moon. Zuma Beach and the nearby bluff named Point Dume were Youngs local hangouts during the mid 70s and making of this record. One of his favourite pastimes during this period was UFO watching while high on mushrooms atop Point Dume.


-100% Organic Cotton

-Authentic Print

-Made in Portugal

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