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TCB S40's Jeans One Rinse

TCB S40's Jeans One Rinse

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The cut, construction and every small detail is faithfully inspired and reproduced from TCBs collection of original S501xx jeans, also dubbed the WW2 501.

To best replicate the fabric from original WW2 era 501s TCB settled on a mix of Eastern Memphis, New Orleans and Texas blended cotton, known as EMOT cotton. The denim has a much more neppy quality to it compared to what we're used to from TCB and is very similar to original pairs in the way it fades. These days denim is regarded as being higher quality if it is as white as possible whereas but on the S40's TCB have focused on the creamier more off-white colour which is an iconic detail of the original WW2 fabric. 

Throughout the S40's you will see "imperfections" like excess threads and slightly wonky stitching that are apparent on reference jeans from WW2.


-14oz EMOT Cotton Denim

-One Wash

-Steel Laurel Wreath Buttons

-Steel Rivets

-100% Cotton Threads

-Deer Skin Patch

-HBT Pocket Bags

-Made in Japan

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