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Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Lot 401 Hawaii Satokibi

Sugar Cane Lot 401 Hawaii Satokibi

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This is some of the finest denim in the world, where the exotic meets luxury and durability. This is Sugar Cane......or as the Japanese call it - Satokibi.

Sugar Cane 14.25oz Hawaii Satokibi One-Wash Green Selvedge Denim

This selvedge denim comprises a blend of traditional techniques and styling, with innovation and creativity in textile development. It starts with a vintage basis; in this case the famous Levi’s® 1947 501®XX. Please note, this is the original vintage style (not the current 1947 reproduction from Levi’s® Vintage Clothing) which has a higher waist, looser seat, and a straight/wider leg shape commonly called the “stovepipe.”

This is then married with the result of 25 years of research and experimentation into making the hardest-wearing, most exotic and innovative vintage-style selvedge dungarees ever attempted!

The textile specialists at Sugar Cane were the first in the world to produce a selvedge-denim fabric made from woven cotton yarns and actual sugar cane fibers. Cotton and sugar cane is harvested from Hawaii, hence the style name. The dyed yarns are then turned into the prized, coarse-weave Japanese selvedge denim on slow-moving, vintage shuttle looms from the “good old days” of manufacturing in the USA.

This obsessive attention to detail, historical purity, unsurpassed quality and cutting-edge innovation gives birth to a Hawaii selvedge-denim weighing in at a super-coarse-and-beefy 14.25 ounces that dazzles the senses with deep, dark coloring and an intoxicating, delicately sweet scent.

Other features include:

•pockets lined with cotton fabric in facsimile of a Japanese sugar cane rice sack.

•leather horsehide hair-on patch (as found on some classic vintage dungaree styles) with the branded wording “Aloha Denim” and an image of a sea turtle.

•detail stitching on rear pockets is sewn by hand using heavy cotton thread made from sugar cane in the stitch style of a very traditional centuries-old Japanese design.

•green-line selvedge edge.

•made in Japan.

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