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Sugar Cane 1962 Type III Denim Jacket

Sugar Cane 1962 Type III Denim Jacket

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This is the 1962 model, widely known as the Type III or trucker jacket. It was the first jacket to feature the now-famous v-shaped pocket flaps. Sugar Cane reproduces this masterpiece jacket of the 1960s to perfection, and their version might be even better than the Original introduced by Levi's in 1962 using 14oz Sugar Cane denim.

Sugar Cane has studied and paid the closest attention to the entire process of recreating vintage denim fabric, such as spinning, weaving, dyeing and stitching. Accordingly, their denim has been loved and appreciated by many denim heads worldwide for a long time, establishing their 1962 model as a timeless classic piece. The weaving process is slow and time-consuming, with only a limited amount of fabric produced per day on vintage Toyoda shuttle looms. The weft is then driven in with greater force, causing the weft yarns to overlap, resulting in an uneven surface and a tight weave. The denim fabric thus completed is dense and thick, and the more it is worn, the more it develops a bite and a taste. Sugar Cane continues to produce this kind of vintage-based denim today while maintaining old machines in top condition.

Although Sugar Cane was born in Japan, its spirit and creation are true to proper American manner from the experience learned at the Army base. By mainly utilizing the denim materials, the ultimate American style symbol, the label has been manufacturing true workwear since 1975. Sugar Cane comprise a blend of traditional dyeing techniques and styling with innovation and creativity in textile development. Their jeans represent the higher end of Japanese selvedge denim.

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