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Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest

Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest

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Filson's Oil Tin Cloth Vest is built with their iconic abrasion- and weather-resistant oil finish Tin Cloth that’s proven its mettle in the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest for decades. The fit is roomy for layering and unrestricted movement. Equipped with hand, stow and tool pockets. Not only is this vest an impenetrable barrier to wind, but makes clean-up in the wood shop a cinch, since sawdust and woodchips brush off with ease.

-Water and wind resistant

-Rugged, durable fabric softens with use

-Low-bulk; makes an excellent mid-layer

-Hand pockets, snap-secure stow pocket and slotted utility pocket

-Can be re-waxed to maintain water resistance

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