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Eastman Leather Clothing - Combat Parka - Mitchell Camo

Eastman Leather Clothing - Combat Parka - Mitchell Camo

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These were not official government issue garments, but were acquired privately by Special Forces personnel as a preferred garment to much of the issue clothing.


In the early part of the Vietnam War (before official camo combat clothing was available), some Special Forces units which needed clothing that offered better camouflage qualities than the normal issue 'greens' procured their own either from local sources, or had them custom-made.


This particular design of hooded combat parka is one that was made in the US out of Mil Spec camo fabric primarily for the commercial hunting market. Our recreation is taken directly from this design.


The fabric is custom-made to exact Mil Spec. quality and the pattern and shape is faithfully reproduced.


Being unlined this garment is very versatile as it can be worn on its own over just a tee in the mid seasons, or it can be layered turning it into a very reasonable winter garment as well.


Our recreation utilises a perfect copy of the Vine Leaf/ Cloud ('Mitchell') camo print on a 100% plain weave cotton, just like the originals. They have been given a Time Worn® finish to render a garment that has all the vintage appeal of sun-bleached, jungle-faded original.


The reversible design means it has pockets on the inside as well as the outside so there is plenty of pocket stowage space. This is an extremely practical garment which many will find is a go-to choice for most occasions.

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