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Buzz Rickson - Type C-1 - CIVILIAN MODEL - Navy

Buzz Rickson - Type C-1 - CIVILIAN MODEL - Navy

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Type C-1

  • This Type C-1 is the reproduction by "Buzz Rickson's" based on vintage vests. Type C-1 was an emergency vest adopted from around 1944, and the vest was developed to store and carry survival equipment that would help aviators survive being shot down. An aviator who fights in the air must have the skills to survive every situation. This includes technology in the unlikely event that an accident or bullet makes flight impossible, and they escape. Escaping aviators arrive on the surface, including land and water, in areas controlled by allies and enemies, and areas where there are no humans. The excellent C-1 vest had been developed that could be worn over supplies, weapons such as a pistol and knife, and signal supplies, eliminating the need to carry bags and cases after landing.
  • Material: Rayon Cotton Double Face(50% Cotton/ 50% Rayon)
  • Snap Button: MIL Spec
  • Button: MIL Specs Urea
  • Label: Buzz Rickson Military Tailor shop
  • Made in Japan
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