Buzz Rickson U.S.N. 10 Button Pea Coat

The 'Pea Coat' originated from the Dutch navy around the 1800's, taking it's name from 'Pije' the Dutch name for Pilot these coats were designed to protect the ship pilot against prolonged exposure to the freezing cold condition above deck.

The Buzz Rickson reproduction comes from possibly the most iconic interpretation of the coat by the U.S Navy. This particular version was issued to sailors from 1910 and throughout WWII, originally being issued to officers and eventually enlisted men. The pre-WWII version featured double breasted 10 button front with '13 star' bakelite buttons, the stars representing the original thirteen states which formed America after the war of independance.

This fantastic coat is made to extremely high and exacting standards, made in the correct dense 36oz Melton wool and heavy rayon lining, every aspect has been recreated to the original from the large collar with buttoned back chin strap, two corduroy lined exterior hand warmer pockets, two internal pockets and of course the 13 star buttons. These Peacoats are exceedingly popular, well cut and to  standard that many other imitations simply can not touch, this coat will last a lifetime.

Key features: 

  • Correct 36oz Melton Wool
  • Heavy durable Rayon Satin lining
  • 10 bakelite button  front  with 13 star foul anchor emblem
  • Large half-moon collar with button back chin strap 
  • Two exterior heavy gauge corduroy lined hand warmer pockets
  • Two interior pockets
  • Reproduction woven Naval clothing Factory label
  • Made in Japan 

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