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Buzz Rickson

Buzz Rickson MA-1 First Model Albert Turner

Buzz Rickson MA-1 First Model Albert Turner

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Type MA-1

  • The MA-1 was the most popular and the longest used of the flight jackets of which there were many. The development of the MA-1 began in the early 1950s based on the B-15 series, which was the official flight jacket until then. The B-15 was an improved version of the cotton B-10 introduced in 1943 and underwent transformations that adapted to dramatic technological innovations and advances in military aircraft. Emerging against this backdrop, the MA-1 model made the greatest change to the flight jacket, namely, it removed its collar. This is because the development of jet aircraft forced he review of aviation accessories. The MA-1 continued to be cherished by U.S. Air Force officers and personnel since its adoption in 1957 until the introduction of the CWU45/P jacket in 1976. In the meantime, the MA-1 needless to say continued to make fine improvements and be perfected further. With its style having a significant impact on the fashion world, the MA-1 has had far-reaching effects that greatly extend beyond the military category.
  • Material: 2/2 Heavy Nylon Twill (100% Nylon)
  • Inter Lining: 58% Wool / 42% Cotton Pile Undyed Natural Color
  • Out Slash Pocket: 35% Wool / 65% Rayon Double Face Brushed
  • Rib: 100% Wool
  • Leather Parts: Horse Hide
  • Main Front Fastener: Crown Aluminum Spring Automatic Lock
  • Snap Button: U.S. Government Department of Defense Specs.
  • Made in Japan
  • Model Wearing Size: L (Height 180cm / Weight 72kg)
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