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Buzz Rickson Aviation Assosiates U.S. Army Working Jacket Cord

Buzz Rickson Aviation Assosiates U.S. Army Working Jacket Cord

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This model replaces the denim workwear adopted by the U.S. Army from the 1910s to the 1940s with corduroy material. The workwear-inspired silhouette is loose-fitting and easy to move in, while corduroy's surface retains air and provides excellent insulation. Corduroy has a pleasant touch and a velvety sheen that is unique to this material. It also creates an elegant appearance, offering warmth and a soft impression.

From the 1920s through the 1940s , various types of flight jackets were commercially available at the market featuring the elements of Army spec. When examining the old photos during the World War, we were able to spot a few pilots with a non-Army issued jacket. Officially, soldiers were not allowed to wear non-Army issued jackets, but the regulation became loose during the actual war time. The difference between Army issued and non-Army issued can mainly be seen on the design and material usage, but the similar color was used in accordance with the original Army-issued products to meet military regulations. And also the design of non-Army products were obviously based on Army issued items, many non- Army jackets were somewhat modified with a bit of original twist, providing really classical look to the eyes. Aviation Associates was the legendary line that commercially manufactured by the previous contractor Buzz Rickson MFG. We would sincerely want you to feel the spirit of our product through these jacket.

Size Shoulder Width Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length
36(S) Around 45.0cm Around 54.5cm Around 71.0cm Around 58.5cm
38(M) Around 48.5cm Around 58.0cm Around 74.5cm Around 61.0cm
40(L) Around 50.5cm Around 60.0cm Around 77.0cm Around 63.5cm
42(XL) Around 53.0cm Around 63.0cm Around 79.0cm Around 65.5cm
44(XXL) Around 55.0cm Around 65.0cm Around 82.0cm Around 67.5cm
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