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Buzz Rickson Aviation Associates N-1 Civilian Model Jacket

Buzz Rickson Aviation Associates N-1 Civilian Model Jacket

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  • "Aviation Associates" is a series of jackets released under the assumption that "Buzz Rickson's" would have been a military contractor at the time. This jacket is a civilian model of the N-1, a popular military jacket used by the U.S. Navy, and "Buzz Rickson's" has made it with the original specs. The warm alpaca pile was a dependable material that protected deck crews exposed to the cold ocean breezes. Also, its lean, functional design was also an important factor in the N-1's popularity at the time. The front has a double-layered construction with a zipper and button closure, a distinctive feature that shuts out the outside air. The collar of a regular N-1 is made of alpaca as well as the lining, but since this is a modified version without an alpaca lining, the collar fabric has been changed to corduroy for a more comfortable feel against the skin.
  • Material: Jungle Cloth (100% Cotton)
  • Collar: Cotton Corduroy
  • Button: Mil Specs Urea
  • Fastener: Mil Specs TALON
  • Label: Aviation Associates
  • Made in Japan
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