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Bill Kelso

Bill Kelso Civilian Aviators A-1 Jacket

Bill Kelso Civilian Aviators A-1 Jacket

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Based on a A.G Spalding sports jacket from the 1930's, Bill Kelso in conjunction with ourselves have reproduced the jacket with all the details that make is quite special. Based on an early USAF A-1 style of flying jacket from the early 1930's this jacket keeps the same design and components but replaces the buttoned front found on earlier jackets for a early separating 'cage' zipper, giving this jacket the perfect cross between the A-1 & A-2 styles. The knitted button collar of the A-1 is replaced by a  simple knitted ribbed collar as seen on may varsity jackets and retains the knitted cuffs and ribbing round the waist. Most striking are the shapes of the pockets which are cut in a deep 'V' shape which grabs the eye. 

The prototype of this jacket was made in Bill Kelso's Liberty Horse Hide and with red russet knits, our initial intention was a cape skin version with golden knits, but the prototype was so stunning we put the jacket in to production! We  only added a useful interior snapped slash pocket .

We couldn't use the 'Spalding' name as the company still exists, but the RoughWear version of the civilian Aviators label is just as good.

         Key Features:

  • 'Liberty Russet Seal' italian veg tanned horsehide (Designed to wear and age like leather from the 30s and 40s)
  • 100% cotton tan lining
  •  Reproduction vintage woven label
  • Two buttoned patch pockets
  • One internal snapped slash pocket 
  • Reproduction vintage Hookless 'Cage' zipper
  • Knitted collar, cuffs & waistband in striking red russet 
  • Fitted with vegetable ivory horn type buttons

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