Pike Brothers

The Pike Bros name dates back to the Portobello Road in the 1930’s when two brothers; George & Joseph opened a menswear store specialising in custom and tailor made clothing. During the war they were quick to recognise the possibilities of tapping into the needs of the growing number of American servicemen who were coming the UK and began specialising in uniforms and private purchase items for the U.S troops stationed in Europe. This gave Pike Bros clothing an edge and understanding of American culture and fashion piking up on the desirable fabrics and cuts from our brasher more opulent cousins from over the Pond, though the Pike Bros we know today is a very different beast, with a very similar ethos. The Portobello shop closed down in the early 1960’s and the name drifted in to obscurity until fifty years later when Fabian Jedlitschka came across a U.S serviceman’s uniform made by Pike Bros and was so impressed with the quality of fabric and construction that it was the obvious name to use for his own clothing line, and to revive a lost history.

 Today Pike Bros makes American inspired clothing from the golden age of menswear, the focus being on authentic well-made clothing produced in Europe with a forward thinking ethos with retrospective eye. Each year the quality and scope of the product line grows with more interesting fabrics uniquely produced for them.

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