Ebbets Field Flannels

Started, as most good things are by a true enthusiast Ebbets Field Flannels was born out of Jerry Cohen’s childhood passion for vintage baseball jerseys. Growing up in Brooklyn, a short distance from where famous Ebbets Field stadium once stood, Jerry collected countless baseball cards fascinated by the colours and emblems of the ever-changing uniforms. The company had small beginnings, Jerry had some jerseys made for himself out of vintage wool flannel Jerry had some jerseys made he had sourced untouched in a warehouse, but the admiration and offers to by the shirts of him gave him the conviction to take things further. Specialising on non major-league teams and pre-1958 West Coast League he had decades and a wealth of largely unknown teams to draw from. Today they are best known for their fantastic baseball caps, produced to the same standards as the originals with all the details just right making each cap stand out, not only for it quality but individuality.

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