Eastman Leather Clothing G-1 Leather Flight Jacket

Established in 1984 by Gary Eastman, Eastman Leather has grown from a true shed industry (or garage in Gary’s case) to one of the leading manufacturers of reproduction leathers and is known and revered the world over for its products.

Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts every detail of these jackets has been researched and revived from original pieces even in some cases taking originals apart to pattern them and to see how each specific contract manufacturer built their jackets from stitch count to seam allowance, truly making for stitch for stitch authenticity. Materials have been sourced the world over to find the correct components, from dead-stock parts like press studs and zips and finding tanneries that can produce leather with the right weight and properties as jackets from the 30’s & 40’s. And when not possible Gary has taken the painstaking step of reproducing what is needed from scratch finding someone to die and cast the correct and exceedingly rare zips for each specific jacket, or finding the perfect dying technique to finish the leather, often importing the ‘crust’ or unfinished raw leather from aboard and having it finished in the UK as it’s easier to monitor the endless task of dying and finishing the leather to each specific specification.

All the jackets are made in the UK, in Ivybridge in Devon to be precise, by a small workforce of employees making jackets to the highest standard they can, which takes time and dedication: after the leather is cut and prepared, the machinist builds the entire garment from start to finish before handing it to quality control who will scrutinize each item, a better service than you would have received as a young airman in the 40’s.

In more recent years Gary has expanded his production to include the heritage motorcycle brand ELMC producing fantastic leather jackets and other items inspired by the golden age of the motorcyclist and post-war civilian style.

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