Levi's® Vintage Clothing Menlo Cossack Leather Jacket - Black

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing is thrilled to launch an updated version of the popular leather Menlo Cossack “Einstein” jacket.

The original reissue from Spring 2018 came in brown leather and was a reproduction of the one Albert Einstein famously wore. It was acquired by Levi’s® in 2016 at a Christie’s auction. The Jacket is synonymous with Einstein’s early years in the United States during the 1930s, the time in which Einstein and his work achieved global notoriety.
Building on the success of the 2018 reproduction, Levi’s® Vintage Clothing introduces the jacket in black leather. Reimagined as a jacket that Einstein would have worn while in disguise. Perhaps the professor had a roguish secret identity where he crusaded through the city at night fighting crime. For this, he would have wanted his favorite Levi’s® leather jacket - but in black.
Every element of this new Einstein jacket is the same as the original, only with a unique tongue-in-cheek twist. The colour is black, and even the label is black with red text instead of yellow. 

The auction paddle comes with two eyeholes cut out (all part of Einstein’s “disguise”), and just as with the original, the jacket comes with an Einstein fragrance developed by the same Brooklyn-based perfume house D.S & Durga. A warm blend of burley pipe tobacco, papyrus manuscripts and vintage leather...but now slightly tweaked to reflect Einstein’s secret double life.

• Slim Fit
• 100% Sheepskin leather
• Limited Edition of 500 worldwide 

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