LEVIS 501xx 1933 11oz Red Selvedge Raw

The 1933 501xx was a fully loaded jean, with the option of wearing braces, using the belt loops first introduced on the 1922 501, or just using the cinch back to hold your waist-overalls up. Retaining many similarities to the 1922 jean, but will a slightly lower rise, and slightly slimmer leg the 1933 was the last 501 to have  brace buttons by 1937 they were gone, showing the shifting style from previous generation leaving the belt as the overall winner.
America in 1933 was in the height of the great depression, and as part of F.D Roosevelt's "New Deal" the NRA (National Recovery Act) was established to help labourers through this hard time, Levis was allowed to include a blue eagle NRA label below their own leather one, signifying they the company adhered to and support the rules laid out by F.D.R's administration.
The fit of there 501's is definitely harking back to an earlier style of workwear, with it's lighter 10oz cone mills denim and looser fit these have a definite period look to them distinguishing themselves and fade fantastically making them very comfortable to wear.
          Key Features
  • Cone Mills 10oz Red Selvage Denim (12oz after wash)
  • Exposed back pocket rivets
  • Belt loops
  • Cinch back
  • Suspender buttons
  • “Two Horse” leather patch
  • Crotch rivet
  • NRA (National Recovery Act) label
  • Single needle stitched Arcuate
  • Made in USA 


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