Eastman R.A.F Sweater

The roll neck sweater is is an iconic and enduring piece of menswear, from the submariners and airmen of WW2 to the ton-up boys of the Ace Cafe. These heavy knit sweaters were standard issue to airmen and a much needed layer of insulation to be worn under the sheepskin flying suits of the RAF for winter flying, there are even instances of the exceedingly well equipped U.S Airmen trading items to obtain one. Slightly short in length than the Navy equivalent, these jumpers became very popular with 50's and 60's motorcycle enthusiasts for the same reason as wartime airmen coveted them so much, warm and durability. 

Made by Eastman this sweater is produced in the United Kingdom to a very high standard,  woven from thick 100% pure English wool in the correct ecru shade and woven to exactly the same specifications as war time production, right down to the individually stitched knots on the bottom back of the jump to indicate sizing and seamless knitted construction it has with two diamond shaped fabric reinforcements the the shoulder meets the roll neck collar.

All in all a superb piece of classics menswear, immortalized in photographs of young pilots in the 1940's and devil may care motorcyclists of the 50's and 60's.

     Key Features:

  • 100% Ecru English Wool
  • Correct weave
  • Diamond reinforcements at shoulder
  • Woven Spec Label 
  • Made in the UK

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