Eastman A-2 Roughwear 27752 Flight Jacket

Standardized for issue on the 9th May 1931 the A-2 flight jacket was issued to every AAF airmen and produced by many different manufacturers with variations to each contact

The last of five contracts to be made by the Rough Wear Clothing Co. the 27752 has all the hallmarks that make this jacket a distinctive Rough Wear shape and pattern. Keeping it’s distinctive collar-stand design throughout all it’s contracts, when ‘snapped’ the large ‘C’ shaped collar stands tall around the relatively small neck hole, a design element dropped my most manufactures it has a rounded slope to the shoulders and comes up a little shorter and rounder in the body than other contacts. 

Produced to emulate every detail by this prolific WW2 flight jacket producer, Eastman has sourced all the correct components to make this jacket as authentic as possible. Made in their superb 100% veg-tanned seal Italian horse hide know as War Horse this jacket has the right weight a feel to it, stitched together with heavy OD green thread as per the originals and finished with the period correct hardware and inspectors stamps in a side by side comparison to an mint condition original you be hard pressed to tell them apart.

Key features:

  • Italian Veg tanned Seal ‘War Horse’ leather
  • Correct cotton Olive Drab thread colour
  • 100% wool knit components
  • 100% cotton correct shade lining
  • Perfectly reproduced woven spec. label
  • Reproduction M42 ‘Talon’ Zipper
  • Correct ‘Ball Stud’ press studs for pocket and collar.
  • Collar Stand construction

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