Buzz Rickson 'U.S.S De Haven DD727' Watch Cap

The U.S Navy watch cap was issued from the 1930's through to the 50's, though a similar hat is still offer to this day. The unique construction and weave of the cap makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and the tightly woven worsted wool soft against the skin. Issued to every sailor to ward off the extreme cold aboard ship, the watch cap takes it's name from being worn in the exposed and lonely positions of the 'watch'. 

Made to the exact pattern as originals, in the same narrowly woven worsted wool, this caps a perfect replicas of a timeless cap, right down to the quatermaster Naval Clothing Factory label for; Name and Service No. w

The U.S.S De Haven was a Sumner-class destroyer entering service in 1944. Named after Lt Edwin J. De Haven part of the crew on the Wilkes Expedition. (United States Exploratory Expedition) The ship served in both WW2 and the Korean war being awarded a total of 9 battle stars and Naval Unit Commendation.

One Size 

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