Buzz Rickson L-2A Nylon Flight Jacket

The L-2 were a new designation of nylon jackets being issued to AAF pilots from 1947, they saw a change from the cotton shell alpaca lined jackets of WW2 and were designed for a new jet age of flight. 

These jackets were a great success with pilots as they were lighter and less bulky than previous styles, plus the nylon shell proved much more durable.

The L-2A is the short lived 1950's variant of the L-2, the only real difference from the L-2 being the colour, in the 1950 the USAF was trying to separate itself from the Army and create it's own identity so the Air Force Blue colour was adopted for most of its uniform. In practicality though the dark-blue colour offered little to no camouflage to downed pilots in Korea and so the L-2A was quickly succeeded by the sage green L-2B in 1952 making the L-2A's very rare.

Buzz Rickson's reproduction is an astonishingly accurate copy of this rare jacket, the thick nylon is a superb weight compared to many other cheap nylon flight jackets on the market and the attention to detail given to reproducing all components set them well ahead of any competition.

Features include:

  • Nylon outer shell, cotton/nylon inner
  • Labels & fixtures produced to exact original 1950’s specification
  • Exact reproduction ‘crown’ zippers with leather pull tabs
  • Pocket on left sleeve includes USAF brass anti-puncture pen caps
  • USAF insignia transfer logo on left sleeve and under the makers label inside
  • Custom made worsted wool knitted collar, cuffs and waist band in USAF blue
  • All other details custom made to spec and as of the original jacket 
  • Made in Japan 

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