Buzz Rickson L-2B H Type - Sage Green

The L-2B was a definitive edition for a light zone flying jacket, which was in use with U.S.A.F from the mid 1950’s until it was replaced by the CWU 36/P jacket in the late 1970’s.

L-2B’s changed to Sage Green from the L-2A’s U.S.A.F Blue, and also size indications changing to S/M/L/XL.

Size specs changed to create a roomier fit, fabric composition of the outer nylon to 2/2 heavy twill, and the lining was changed to a wool and rayon blend.

The most striking change was the rescue orange of the lining, and the jacket becoming reversible; designed for the fast recovery of pilots in case of an emergency.

•Made of 2/2 Heavy Nylon Twill

•64% rayon / 36% wool double-face brushed lining

•Brass Oxidised Reversible Zip

•Brass snap buttons of U.S. Government Department of Defense

•Made in Japan

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