Canada Goose

Sam Tick emigrated to Canada in 1957 and started the company Metro Sportswear Ltd. Learning his trade as a cutter in many different factories Metro began manufacturing producing woollen vests, raincoats and snow suits among other cold-weather utility clothing until it created ‘down-filled’ jackets in the 1970’s, the company remained a small operation producing it’s custom made down filled coats and parkas for Canada’s service departments, such as the Canadian Rangers, local police departments and the like, Tricks son in law David Reiss, who had been the company's CEO purchased the company in 1980, expanding the company to 50 employees to produce their parkas for the public, and Metro Sportswear launched their new parkas under the trademark of ‘Snow Goose’ as the company expanded and Metro looked into supplying their parkas to Europe to find that the branded name ‘Snow Goose’ was already in use and so the international name of Canada Goose was adopted.

Since then the company has grown in size and popularity exponentially, known for it's warmth & quality these jackets are used on some of the coldest places on earth and present on almost every high street. 

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