Bill Kelso

With expertise that spans back to the 1980’s Bill Kelso Mfg. was set up in 2008 to specialise in classic vintage designs from the 1930’s to 50’s harking from the golden ages of flight and adventure. We are proud to be the only UK stockist of this fantastic brand whose attention to detail and quality of components is second to none, with each pattern being produced with the utmost authenticity from original surviving jackets to ensure that each stitch, pocket shape and swoop of the collar is lovingly and painstaking replicated.

Specialist leather is crafted and tanned to ensure the correct weight and grain characteristics as vintage leather tends to have, and will age accordingly, wearing in beautifully to give you that much desired ‘lived in’ look. These leathers are not the stiff highly processed characterless jackets you find on most high streets but crafted using ancient and time-consuming techniques to get individual leather of the highest quality.

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