Pike Brothers 1944 N-1 Deck Jacket Waxed - Olive

The 1944 N-1 Deck Jacket was issued to all U.S. Navy Personnel during WW2. It saw action from the beaches of Normandy to the Pacific Islands, and became one of the most used and most favoured jackets of the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1940s.

Pike Bros have recreated the tightly woven, double-faced Bedford cord shell and waxed it 3 times for added and improved water resistance. The soft woven wool lining will keep you warm and is comfortable against the skin.

The jacket features the following characteristics:
•outer fabric 100% cotton
•100% wool lining
•vintage 1940s bell shaped Talon zipper
•authentic Spec. Label
•proper 1940s round knit wind cuffs
•stand up collar
•inclusion of an internal pocket; perfect for a small notebook or phone.

These jackets come without the ‘USN‘ stencilled on the left chest as per originals, therefore Pike Bros have included a cardboard ‘do it yourself’ stencil with instructions.


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