Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1955 501 (R) Jeans Hideaways

When you think of 80's punk and post-punk, you probably think of New York, London, and Washington. People who imagine Louisville may be rare. Still, Louisville was Kentucky's largest city and one of the most dynamic music scenes of the "era of rebellion." The Louisville underground music scene had a great influence on the later "grunge". Fall / Winter 2020 is a collection inspired by the Louisville music scene of the mid-1980s.

Representing the classic 1950s biker style, these jeans have a more boxy silhouette with a generous cut around the legs that doesn't fit the hips snugly. For the first time in this item, we have designed a sturdy leather-like paper (rather than leather) that attracts two horses. Double side (embroidered on both sides) red tab with uppercase "E". Twin needle arcuette. Clean dark rinse.

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