Levis Vintage Clothing 1936 Type 1 506XX Rigid Denim Blouse

One of the most iconic denim jackets ever!!

The 506XX was originally introduced in 1905. It was called a ‘blouse’ up until 1938 and replaced with ‘jacket’.

The 506XX has a simple, but timeless classic design. The fit is short and boxy with pleats on the front.

The horizontal seams holding down the pleats can be removed to give the wearer extra room.

Earlier versions had no flap pocket (this was added in 1928), and no famous ‘Big E’ label (this appeared for the first time in 1936).

This version is the 1936 model, and the only one produced by Levis Vintage Clothing.

•Silver cinch buckle back

•100% cotton

•Non-stretch 12oz plain selvedge denim

•Sourced from Cone® Mills

•Made in USA

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