Levis Vintage Clothing 1944 S501XX 12oz Selvedge Raw

During World War II the availability of raw materials for manufacturers was rationed for the consumer market, diverting much needed supplies to the war effort. From cotton to copper, the U.S government levied certain sanctions against companies reducing the amount of components they used for their goods - this though gave birth to the modern jean we would recognise today. 

The prefixture 'S' before 501 stood for simplified, and though the fit of the 1944 remained loose with a high rise, the rivets reinforcing the watch pocket were removed, plus the back cinch, and the crotch rivet never to been seen again on a pair of 501's. 

Of all the limitations put on Levis at this time, was definitely the hardest to abide by: the famous arcuate on the back pockets. This was deemed to be decorative and served no function and therefore superfluous to requirements. As the brands most noticeable identifier, and having only patented the design in 1943, Levis decided rather than to remove it entirely, it would be printed instead of stitched on to the back pockets. The paint would wear off and wash away over time, but it would still be present as that all important brand identifier.

Button fly

•WWII standardised buttons

•Printed paint arcuate

•Two-horse leather waist patch bearing the ‘S501’

•100% cotton

•Non-stretch 12oz plain selvedge denim

Sourced from Cone® Mills

•Made in USA 

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