Levis Vintage Clothing 1933 501XX 10oz Red Selvedge Raw

This jean has belt loops, but still retained the popular cinch and suspender buttons.

Owners wore their jeans with a belt instead of suspenders, therefore they cut off the cinch and removed the suspender buttons, thus choosing not to follow the style of older generations. Many Levi's brand retailers even kept a big pair of scissors at the cash desk, to cut the cinch off for customers.

This jean is also set apart with a detail reflecting a key moment in history, and Levi's workwear heritage. Under the leather patch is a white cloth label printed with a blue eagle and the letters "NRA"—; this was the logo for the National Recovery Act. Established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the National Recovery Administration aimed to support workers during the 1930's Great Depression. Because Levi Strauss & Co. abided by the administration's rules, the company was allowed to use this logo.

•Button fly with metal shanks

•Two back pockets with exposed rivets

•Crotch rivet

•Cinch back

•Belt loops

•Suspender buttons

•Single needle arcuate

•Two Horse leather (bovine) patch

•NRA (National Recovery Act) cloth label

•Sourced from Cone® Mills

•Made in the USA

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